I will give you a Five Card Lenormand reading

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give you a Five Card Lenormand reading

About This Gig

For the basic Gig, I will pull 5 Lenormand cards to answer ONE question. Lenormand is a divination method that uses 36 cards and can answer with accuracy and detail most any question you may have. This is NOT like a Tarot reading, as each card has a specific meaning, and where it comes up in the reading will have a specific meaning as well. More details can be had by ordering the Extras, but, you will get an answer to your question with an explanation of the cards I pulled and how they relate to your question.

For the Extras, the 9 Card Box Spread will take 9 cards and use a myriad of ways to arrive at the answer by combining cards that are mirroring each other, Knighting cards as well as looking at the 3 rows across as well as vertically. The Grand Tableu will use all 36 cards, and for that you can ask up to 4 different questions on 4 separate subjects. 

I do not need your birthday for this Gig, but, if you want to include it, that is fine!