I will give you a Love Cards Reading

give you a Love Cards Reading

About This Gig

For the Basic Gig, I will describe your Birth Card as well as the Birth Card of ONE other person. I will also give insight into relationship issues that may be of concern for both parties based on their Birth Cards. I will then explain your MAIN connection to the other person as well as your Attraction/Intensity/Compatibility Level with them. These connections may be Karmic in nature, but, there are many different types of connections with this system of reading. This is due to how each persons Birth Card is found in the others Life Spread. A Karmic Connection is only one of many in this system of divination. This is a unique Gig that you will NOT find anywhere else on Fiverr! This type of reading will give interesting insight into how you relate to others and why. If you want to know about more than one person, simply order multiples of this Gig and Extras if desired. Be sure to include birth dates of ALL parties involved.

Please Note: If your birthday OR that of someone you are interested in falls on December 31st, I will not be able to do the reading, as there is NOT a Birth Card associated with this date.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your Love Cards Gig a card reading?
    No. In this reading, I do NOT shuffle and lay out any actual cards. Each birth date has a playing card associated with it, and in this system, I can see how that persons Birth Card fits into your Life or Spiritual Spread as well as how their card fits into yours.