I will edit your Squarespace Website for $25

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edit your Squarespace Website
edit your Squarespace Website

About This Gig

Hi there!!

You built that lovely Squarespace Website. The look was right and feel was great... and were telling all your friends how great Squarespace is. You spent countless hours refining and improving your site and then... suddenly...dang!  you want something beyond what squarespace offers. May be you want to put some pictures in the Navbar, or may be want integrate popup widgets. Whatever it is, it is difficult and thought it's time to get some professional help...

In this Gig, for $25, I'll edit the Site for you :)

I'm a professional "front-end developer" with extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. I bring my powerful developer knowledge to Squarespace and accomplish almost anything you want me to. 

I can: 

    ✔  Reformat Images and texts
    ✔  Add Javascript effects
    ✔  Embedd external pages
    ✔  Insert custom fonts

...and so much more. No matter what you want... just_ask_me.

NOTE: The gig has been priced at $25 for which I will implement *One feature* of moderate technical complexity. If you want something more or something less, contact me for a custom quote. Or, in any case please get in touch before placing an order.