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edit your Squarespace Website

About This Gig

Hi there!!

You built that lovely Squarespace Website. The look was right, feel was great and were telling all your friends how great Squarespace is. You spent countless hours improving the site and then.. suddenly.. dang!  you want something beyond what Squarespace offers. May be you want to put some pictures in the Navbar, or may be want integrate Popup widgets. Whatever it is, it is difficult and thought it's time to get some professional help.

In this Gig, for $25, I'll edit the Site for you :)

I'm a front-end developer of 5 years experience with extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery. I bring my powerful developer knowledge to Squarespace and accomplish almost anything you want me to.

I can: 

    ✔  Realign content
    ✔  Add Javascript
    ✔  Modify CSS
    ✔  Install fonts
    ✔  Add pop-ups
    ✔  Connect domain
    ✔  Setup e-mail
    ✔  Resolve issues

..and so much more. No matter what you want... just_ask_me.

NOTE: The gig has been priced at $25 for which I will implement *two features* of moderate technical complexity. If you want something more or something less, contact me for a custom quote. Or, in any case please get in touch before placing an order.

Order Details

7 days delivery

Squarespace Editing

To customize & troubleshoot Squarespace websites

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's your turn around time?
    I respond within 24 hours - usually much sooner!
  • How do I contact you?
    Leave me a message by clicking "Contact Me" button on the right. You would approach me for availability, feasibility, quote and time-frame. Please don't place a direct order; I'll have to look into your requirements first.
  • What details should I provide?
    You must provide the following details at proposal: 1. A link to your existing site 2. A list of edits/customizations required (Please be as specific as possible; Screenshots will help)
  • How do I place an order?
    Upon looking into your requirements, will let you know if I can help and send a custom offer with price and time-frame. An order is placed when you accept the custom offer.
  • How will you edit the site?
    You must provide Squarespace Username & Password. It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you give a temporary password and change it once the job is done. Do leave me a note if you have any concerns.
  • Will you begin immediately after I place an order?
    Usually, yes. But sometimes it depends if I have a backlog.
  • How do I check the progress?
    You can always visit your site to view the changes. Further, you'll be periodically updated and kept in the loop for opinions and feedback.
  • Do you offer revisions? How many?
    Yes, in principle... unlimited!! Practically speaking, most of my orders are closed after 1 - 3 revisions.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Yes, I do offer refunds if for whatever reason a client finds my work unsatisfactory. But rarely does such a need arise. I handled 200+ orders on Fiver and had to refund for less than 10.
  • What will you NOT do as part of the Gig?
    The requirements needs to be specific. I will NOT: 1) Build whole sites. 2) Redesign, enhance or make sites 'more professional' 3) Modify Graphics 4) Do pure Javascript programming or 5) Integrate Payment processors.