I will do a Relationship Spiritual Healing and Deprogramming

Lily is just absolutely amazing. When I joined fiverr I never would've imagined that I'd find someone who I can honestly say has helped guide me through a tumultuous year. She's amazing, and I recommend her to everyone here!
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do a Relationship Spiritual Healing and Deprogramming

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Description Basic Relationship Healing Relationship Healing Plus Reading Deep Relationship & Partner Healing
  A healing on your relationship bubble on one topic/request. 2-3 sentence description. A healing on your relationship bubble, plus a 1/2 page reading describing the energies. A deep healing on your relationship bubble, plus two healings on each of you as individuals.
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About This Gig

I will perform a spiritual healing on your relationship for $5.

Get a healing with someone you know, like your partner or family member. I will help release unwanted energy from your relationship bubble, and deprogram what is stuck and not serving you and your partner.

Please note: It is always best to ask the other person if they would like healing work done. If they are unaware of the healing, then I do my best to honor what is neutral and does not create karma. 

***If one person has chosen to leave the relationship, I cannot change someone's free will. However, I work on the energy to bring your spiritual agreement into present time, so you can each start fresh in a healed space, which honors the free will of both partners.

Relationship READINGS also available as a Gig Extra!

I am 100% equal-opportunity and will help you no matter what type of partnership you have.

I highly recommend getting the gig extras and express delivery, as they are favorites among my frequent clients (see positive reviews). Thank you, and I look forward to performing your healing! :-) 

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