I will add or remove people, objects, background

I am a returning customer.. Gorjan does amazing work every time!! He goes all the way to get the job done. Great work!!
Reviewed by hermeena76 24 days ago
Second time I have used this artist. Love his work!
Reviewed by hairfeathers 27 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by wilsongildar about 1 month ago
I had an excellent experience with Gorjan. He exceeded my expectations with the quality of the job, efficiency and ease of communication. Thanks to him, Grandma will have a family photo with everyone in it and everyone smiling. I will definitely use Gorjan for future gigs.
Reviewed by hello__heather 2 months ago
This was a different kind of project for both of us, a deceased son added to the mother / daughter shot; it was done just as I envisioned! Gorjan made four different versions so I can compare. He turned this around within 24 hours; I'm very happy!!
Reviewed by mlrphoto 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jenniferboyd 2 months ago
Always on time.
Reviewed by marcoinfinito 2 months ago
Thank you so much :)
Reviewed by hairfeathers 3 months ago
I needed an object removed and he took care of it for me in a short period of time.
Reviewed by fiveanddimer8 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by marcoinfinito 5 months ago
This guy is very professional and reliable, I recommend him and his service .
Reviewed by marcoinfinito 6 months ago
Perfect! We use Gorjan all the time.
Reviewed by wilsongildar 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by shane21b 6 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by buxtun 6 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by kris345 7 months ago
Gorjan is great to work with and does very good work, super responsive and good at giving and receiving feedback. Would definitely recommend to anyone.
Reviewed by devchicken 8 months ago
fantastic. so quick and easy
Reviewed by kimbarrett 9 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by wilsongildar 10 months ago
5 star Designer - Would definitely use again!!
Reviewed by jugnee 10 months ago
Gorjan did an excellent job with 35 images that needed photoshopping, some of which were quite tricky. His deliveries were prompt. I'll certainly use his services again and I can recommend him without hesitation. Adrian
Reviewed by gra3113 11 months ago
add or remove people, objects, background
add or remove people, objects, background
add or remove people, objects, background
add or remove people, objects, background

About This Gig

This is tricky job to do, so I need to be sure that the pictures can blend each other. So, contact me and send me the pictures before ordering to make sure I can do the job.

I'll send you samples before ordering, to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the result.
The most important is that you will have the final version you like, before hitting the order button.

• Remove background
  (for more check out my gig extras)
• Add a person to the image
• Brightness, Contrast, Shadows,Color and Sharpness correction
• Combining photos
• Crop and resize image
• Remove or change background 

Unlimited modifications until it's perfect :)

Thank you for considering this gig. 

For more check my gig extras and my profile.

Have a nice day!