I will make a beat to rap along to

make a beat to rap along to

About This Gig

I write and produce a variety of music from metal to hip hop. I am offering you the chance to have the rights to a beat and bass-line I will make from scratch. You are then free to put your own vocals or other instruments over the top and sell your material. 
I have been selling beats on various platforms for about 2 years and have had very good feedback.

So in conclusion you will receive;

  1. A file containing the beat and bass-line.
  2. Separate files for the beat and bass-line so they can be manipulated if you so wish.
  3. High quality 44kz WAV files.

Hopefully you can have some good fun messing around with these and this is even aimed at people who have little knowledge of music production!

Order Details

1 day delivery