I will ask 20 random US consumers 10 survey questions

Gregline did an amazing job for me. I ordered a large and targeted survey (500 respondents) and I asked a ton of questions up front. Gregling was very responsive and patient with me. The results were exactly what he promised and delivered on time. Very well done and highly recommended.
Reviewed by tampajake 7 days ago
Outstanding experience!
Reviewed by galpaikin about 1 year ago
Really quick turnaround and expertly done.
Reviewed by nicmeredith over 1 year ago
I had an awesome experience ordering from Greg! He was very responsive, answered all my questions, and I'd definitely recommend him for market research :) Would definitely order from again!
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Fast and glorious!
Reviewed by dedeemmi over 1 year ago
Great - thanks Greg!!
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Excellent as always! Thanks again
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Great communication. was very prompt in responding and always quick to answer any questions and concerns. Gig was provided within the time line given. Would definitely work with "The Gregling" again!!
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Brilliant experience again. Thanks for helping me with designing the proper questions this time!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Fantastic service. I can't get enough of this.
Reviewed by b0chatma over 1 year ago
Job done to perfection !
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Very professional and easy to work with. I will be working with this seller again!
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Great job again!
Reviewed by petchpete over 1 year ago
Very fast response and delivered before due date about two days. This gig very helpful to my business.! Perfect!
Reviewed by petchpete over 1 year ago
WoW. That was fast and informative. It's definitely worth the $5 for the insight you will gain from conducting a survey.
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I get great information from Greg's surveys. It really helps my business. Thanks!
Reviewed by drschmidt1 over 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience!
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This is a great service. I wish I would have known about it sooner. It takes the guess work out of what I do. Thanks again.
Reviewed by b0chatma over 1 year ago
Great data! Any marketing needs to be surveyed first. Thanks, Greg!
Reviewed by drschmidt1 over 1 year ago
ask 20 random US consumers 10 survey questions
ask 20 random US consumers 10 survey questions
ask 20 random US consumers 10 survey questions

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Description Recruit 20 people Recruit 100 people Recruit 500 people
  Recruit 20 random US consumers and ask 10 multiple choice questions Recruit 100 random US consumers and ask 10 multiple choice questions Recruit 500 random US consumers and ask 10 multiple choice questions
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About This Gig

I will run an online survey of up to 10 questions to 20 people based in the US and report the results to you.


Respondents are part of a representative nationwide panel of US consumers. All responses are guaranteed unique (IP addresses & timestamps provided).


- Survey summary report
- All response details (includes IP's & timestamps) 


I need more than 20 respondents. Can you help?

Yes, we can get hundreds of unique responses. Simply create more gigs or choose gig extras..

Can I get a more highly targeted audience?

Yes, to target a more narrow group than US consumers (by age, interest, etc.) order the Custom Audience Gig. Contact me before ordering if questions.

What kinds of questions can I ask?

Multiple choice & ranking. Comment questions require a gig addon.

Who are you and why should I trust you with my hard-earned 5 bucks?

I have been running market research studies for 12+ years.

Plus, I am committed to your complete satisfaction!

Wow. I find you strangely interesting and fascinating. Why? 

I'm naturally magnetic.

Ok, you've finally convinced me. Now what?

That's it. Just accept the gig, and answer a few questions to get started.
I look forward to working with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many people can I get to take my survey?
    As many as you want, practically speaking. I have run survey studies as small as 5 people, and as large as 3,000. We could even do more than that.
  • Where do you recruit all these people from?
    During the day I work at a major ad agency and so I have direct access to a market research panel of tens of thousands of people all over the globe. I also leverage a proprietary audience panel built in-house through my parent company Collective Mind.
  • I want a specific target audience to take my survey (such as millennial gamers, etc). Is this possible?
    Anytime you want a target audience to take your survey who isn’t in the basic gig definition (ie. random US consumers), you’ll need to order this gig. The cost starts for custom audiences starts at $1 per response which covers the additional cost of recruitment and screening.
  • Can I ask people to give me their email address, real names, or physical address?
    No, sorry. I actually get this request fairly frequently. Basically the deal is the work I do is for market research purposes only, not lead generation. Privacy is very important to me and sacrosanct when it comes to market research. I don’t collect personally ident
  • I'm a Doctoral student - can you help with my thesis?
    Yes! Incidentally, I also have my Masters degree so I know the world & requirements quite well. I have assisted quite a few Masters and Doctoral students in creating, hosting, deploying, and reporting their surveys.
  • How do I know these responses are actually real?
    Your final report comes with a listing of all individual responses. Each response shows the respondent’s IP address that you can test using a service like IP lookup. Each response also comes with a timestamp, so you can see how long each respondent spent taking your survey.
  • Who writes the survey questions - you or me?
    In the basic gig, you write the questions and answers and I'll ask them exactly as you want them written. If you're unsure of what questions to ask or need a professional to edit your survey, then I offer professional survey editing services starting at $50.
  • What types of questions can I ask people?
    I have outlined a detailed list of all the questions you can ask here with examples and additional information on each type: http://greglinginsight.com/survey-recruitment/#section2
  • Can I ask open-ended comment questions?
    Yes! Keep in mind that these questions are not included in the basic gig, and are $5 for every question for each 20 responses. So if you had 2 comment questions to 20 people it would be an extra $10. If you had 2 comment questions to 40 people it would be an extra $20, etc.
  • I have another question or special requirement not listed here
    I'd encourage you to contact me on Fiverr. I've also created a website with additional information on all my gigs, which you can check out at http://greglinginsight.com/