I will have 10 people test the experience of your website

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Beyond expectations
Reviewed by jakeprins about 5 hours ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by kcammack about 16 hours ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lilyponds 3 days ago
Outstanding service and very helpful suggestions. Went above and beyond my expectations. Will be using again. Thanks!
Reviewed by jaredmueh 8 days ago
As advertised. Excellent way to get quick feed back on your site.
Reviewed by ssanemeterio 7 days ago
Excellent, honest feedback of my site. Useful to see what random users think of the site, and gregling threw in an extra question for free which was awesome!
Reviewed by mazomba 10 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by vooodooo 10 days ago
While the reviewers' tips don't go into much detail and sometimes you wonder what they mean exactly, the advantage is in the numbers (if several people mention the same thing, that's quite telling).
Reviewed by stepan1 10 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by emerald_tea 11 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by nathan2bk 15 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by crichardw 16 days ago
This was a very valuable experience for such a great price! I will likely order a few more just because of the great feedback that I received. Seller was very quick to respond an engage with me as well! I wouldn't hesitate to order this service if I were you!
Reviewed by dave223 14 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by isomfield 18 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by emerald_tea 19 days ago
Reviewed by thayalan 29 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by lundenberg8486 25 days ago
The best output as always!
Reviewed by mrsilico about 1 month ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by mahadeo about 1 month ago
Perfect, now I just have to empty the cache of my CDN, and buy again haha. I recommend this Gig! ;)
Reviewed by nicolas_adamini about 1 month ago
Very useful information, I'll order regularly. Thank you for the quick delivery as well.
Reviewed by selims about 1 month ago
have 10 people test the experience of your website
have 10 people test the experience of your website

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  I'll have 10 people review your website and ask my standard usability questions. I'll have 50 people review your website and ask my standard usability questions. I'll have 100 people review your website and ask my standard usability questions.
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About This Gig

A successful website needs to be usable, credible and visually appealing. This will generate positive word of mouth, repeat visitors and ultimately a more successful website. 

The trick is getting random unbiased feedback to help you know what to optimize.

For $5, I will send 10 random people to any webpage or design and ask the ultimate usability question:

"If you could change one thing on this webpage, whether it is major or minor, what would be at the top of the to do list?"

I'll also ask them to rate ease of use, trustworthiness of the site, perceived attractiveness, and likelihood that they'd recommend the site to others.

Recommended Gig Extras:

1) Get more people to test your website

2) Ask more questions about anything you're interested in!

3) Click Test. Have people try to complete a task you specify on the page, and get a heatmap of where they clicked

4) Custom audience. Recruit any target audience (by age, gender, or interest, etc) that you want to test your site.

5) 5 second test. Have people see your site for only 5 seconds, and then see if they can explain what it's all about

6) Video Review. Get a video of me testing your site & a report of top optimization recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do you recruit all these people from?
    During the day I work at an ad agency and so I have direct access to a market research panel of tens of thousands of people all over the globe. I also leverage a proprietary audience panel. Visit http://greglinginsight.com/website-testing/ or contact me for more info!
  • Can I see examples of what I'll get at the end of this project?
    Absolutely. Please visit http://greglinginsight.com/website-testing/ to see report output
  • What's the 5-second test?
    It's an optional gig addon. I have people look at your site for 5 seconds then ask 3 questions about it. This can be helpful since it's said that the first impression is often the most important one. http://greglinginsight.com/website-testing/ for more info on this addon.
  • Can I ask additional questions or do a bug test?
    Yes, simply add a gig addon. $5 for each additional question you want to ask
  • Can I have people buy things on my site?
    While you can have people do tasks (by ordering a gig addon), I can't require people to enter their credit card info or provide personal information. If you set up your site so that we can use "dummy" or fake data, then yes, I could have people test out your purchase process.
  • Why should I trust you to do my website testing?
    Well, first this is a different website testing gig than others. I actually recruit unbiased people (or any target audience you want) to run the test. As for me, I have 12+ years digital strategy, research, and UX experience at top global ad agencies. I love what I do which is why I'm here!
  • I have a custom testing need not listed here
    No problem. I also do custom requests as well. Just contact me to discuss your particular needs!
  • Why are your FAQs so awesome?
    Great question. Thank you for appreciating it. I also have more FAQs located at http://greglinginsight.com/faq/
  • Who is this gig designed for?
    Anyone who has website and are looking for another perspective to improve conversion or the user experience, or who wants to test a specific aspect of the site. It's also designed for marketing & ad agencies who want to resell my services.