I will figure out when and where you go on vacation

figure out when and where you go on vacation

About This Gig

Every year my wife and I go on vacation with her family. And every year it is a huge cluster you know what trying to decide when and where to go while taking into account everyone's schedules and preferences. Usually ending up with someone being unhappy and a ridiculous red eye flight. Until this year, that is, when I was in charge.  This year we're going to Hawaii and everyone's happy, not to mention the weather will be great and we have cheap direct flights.

Let me do the same for you and your travel companions, removing a very stressful task from your life.  Given just a few simple pieces of information, I will use your schedules, individual likes, as well as taking into account airfare, peak travel times and weather to find the perfect time and destination for your party of travelers, so you can just look forward to a relaxing, stress free vacation.

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