I will do Pay Per Click PPC Keywords Research

do Pay Per Click PPC Keywords Research
do Pay Per Click PPC Keywords Research

About This Gig


Need Keywords to Start a Paid Search Campaign / PPC ???

Let a Kw Expert Handle it ...

I have 5+ years experience in Kw Research I had Work with MNC as a Keywords Analyst.i have generated Kw from more then 1000 Campaign currently running successfully For every Category Eg Automobile Dealers, Pest Control Services, Furniture Showrooms,Dentistry,Medical Profession ,Restaurants or Hotels Etc...

With my years of Knowledge & experience I will give you a head start with you paid marketing campaign,a step ahead of your competitor.

Suggestion for a successful PPC Campaign :list of Negative for campaign to start performing from the day you start it.  


  • Do a in depth Research of your Specific niche
  • Generate a Customized Keywords List based on your Service / Product.
  • List of Performing Keywords Search Volume & Average Cost Per Click.
  • Provide you with the Best  Kw that will drive Targeted audience to your website & increase your Profits

**Pay For the Right Clicks Only**
Good Day :)

Note : 1 Gig for 1 topic 1 location


Best Profitable Google Adwords & bing Keywords

2 days delivery