I will color splash your image

color splash your image

About This Gig

Bring the focus to where it is needed most!

The most important part of a photo is directing the viewer's attention to where you need it to be. There's no better way to do this than color splashing, and online programs just don't cut it. This service offers sharp, clean final images with one portion or color highlighted in your work, by a dedicated hobbyist with over four years of experience. 

What is color splashing?

Color splashing is the process of highlighting one portion or color of a selected image, and leaving the rest in black and white. This not only draws attention away from possibly unseemly backgrounds, it also gives the effect of a brightened, cleaner image

What You're Getting

  • I will use high quality image editing to highlight one color or section of your image, and leave the rest in black and white tones.
  • Your image will be delivered to you both in .jpeg format - perfect for use online - and in high quality .pdf files for printing and personal use.

Order Details

4 days delivery