I will write a personalised poem/lyrics

write a personalised poem/lyrics

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I will write you a short personalised text/poem for any occasion. You may decide if you wish it to be a poem/text in a more traditional sense set in rhyme and fixed meter, or a poem that is more inclined as "modern writing". sample work - from "They started the fire" Blue It falls over you breezy and weightless Like the back of a cool wind; A bitter fog It covers like frost, embrace it Let its subdued demons fill your empty nights Watch the coils of your soul unwind Your mind dancing; spinning ferociously around a locked room If you could only know the shades of blue I've seen Each little speck of dust tumbling in the air; Each a memory that mixes in with, Blueberry songs and indigo smiles, The hopeless emptiness in a midnight sky Blue will take the stinging heat from your breath, Each numb lullaby, will push you further from the balancing wire

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