I will predict 2017 for you personally

predict 2017 for you personally
predict 2017 for you personally

About This Gig

This Astrology reading includes 2017 predictions for you:

2017 in your life brings in a gamut of new changes, new hopes, new chances to start things afresh and most importantly predictions.

The case-method offers modern intellectual Jyotishi a good path toward reintegration of this precious vidya into the modern multi-dimensional, multi-density worldview. By case-method, it is possible to verify how basic principles of Jyotisha, when correctly applied, can produce correct real-world predictions describing events on the physical , emotional, mental, and spiritual planes of perception.

The Gig certainly needs improvement, but I've heard from hundreds of clients that they use and appreciate the report. It's not bench science, but it sure is interesting!

Jyotisha is helpful for its ability to predict when the demons (of subconscious fear) will emerge, and what shape they will take.

But it is up to the native to destroy one's own self-generated illusions along one's own path.

Jyotisha can provide a reminder, and a map to the territory.

Reality is constantly being created by a mechanism of projection of accumulated expectations, many of them fear-driven, upon the blank screen of consciousness.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you provide prediction month wise
    Yes, every month will have a prediction