I will make you a card game

make you a card game
make you a card game
make you a card game
make you a card game
make you a card game
make you a card game

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Description At the Roots; Playable Personality, Professional Adding more than just cards
  Card game will avoid all failings of most card games, stale moments, little player interaction, ect Personality, with strong distancing between professional and casual play What else do you want to put into it? Dice, money, ect? A card game that feels personal
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About This Gig

I will make you a 52-card deck card game, with any idea or restrictions you have in mind.

My hobby is to make card games, I make at least one every two days, and then from that point on I playtest it until I feel it is complete. All card games need to have a certain feel to them, to fit into the mold of which card games are made. If you take my services, you'll be able to create a new strategy for a very new way of thinking -- that is strictly what a card game is.

I am okay with editing the card game any amount of time. My services are always refundable. If you have an issue with the product given, I will always be okay with either completely scrapping the game or making small changes to it. It's always your choice.

I hope you have an amazing day!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you do TCGs, board game like card games, ect?
    Any game requiring more than the 52 card deck and a few widgets, might be too much. You can shoot me an email if you want to include a board or something of that sort. If its something you can monetize, I won't be able to help.
  • What will the card game have once you've made it?
    It will avoid the pitfalls in most new card games. There will be no stale moments, or times where the game is entirely in one's favor. You won't get upset with the game for being unreliable, and it won't be a heavy load on you to think strategically. To play, you won't just need to know a pattern.
  • How is the Standard Package better than the Basic Package?
    In this package (my favorite!), I will be making a card game that allows for you to both play professionally and casually. Within this package, I will have enough time to completely warp the personality of the card to make it feel personal and real. It can be played both at a table and on a couch.
  • Dice, dominoes, what are you okay with using besides the normal card deck?
    Everything that is a secondary piece would be in the Premium Package. The package will include the same quality of card game as the Standard Package, but it will have a far stronger personality.If secondary pieces are something bigger than a small widget, you should shoot me a message before order.
  • How will you deliver the card game?
    I will send the rules, meanings, and placements of the cards through email, or online messaging if you prefer. If you want something changed, I am willing to edit the card game free of charge any amount of times until you are satisfied. I am willing to do whatever needed to make it perfect!