I will edit your finance job resume

edit your finance job resume

About This Gig

Why should I let you review my resume?
I graduated from Wharton undergraduate and am currently working at an investment fund. I've perfected my resume over three years and written over 300 applications to finance firms (investment banking, investment funds, etc). Some of the firms I have received interviews from include Apollo, Citi, SG, RBS, Guggenheim, Fidelity, Bernstein Research, and other smaller investment banks. These firms look for very specific things over the hundreds of resumes they get and I will make your resume stand out.

How does it work?
1. You fill it a template with your experience
2. I'll edit it into the right language and send it back

Why do I do this?
I find it disappointing that people with a lot of talent can't make the first cut at a finance job because they don't come from a business background or a school that fosters that kind of undergraduate business culture. Books or online websites on resumes are completely wrong and written by people who don't work in finance. You can't really learn from your mistakes either because the HR department won't tell you you've written a bad resume. They'll just toss it away.

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