I will provide advice on concerns you may be having

provide advice on concerns you may be having

About This Gig

I will provide advice that you need concerning a particular area in your life. Please limit your questions to one specific situation so that I can target the area of greatest concern to you. Based on my experience as a Social Worker I will do my best to give you advice from what I have found works best in similar cases that I have dealt with professionally and personally. Please keep in mind that this is a limited forum that allows for a good start on dealing with your issues, but is not to be thought of as a cure all. It is always recommended that you seek outside help in a one-on-one counseling environment. Remember this is my advice based on my experience and is not guaranteed to resolve your situation. I have found that the majority of clients I have worked with have found my advice to be very helpful to get them started in the right direction.

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