I will be your compliance officer for 2hr

be your compliance officer for 2hr

About This Gig

I will contact your business line, call center, vendor or others to test the quality of the response (compliance). I will place a phone call, live chat or email as a potential customer. I can also make calls to those vendors that put you on hold, or any other type of call you need.  

US/Canada/Jamaica clients please

Check quality of:

Outsourced vendors


Call, Email or Live Chat Etiquette

Responses or reactions from staff



Response Time


Duration of the call

Who controlled the call

Company or Product Knowledge


Each phone call comes with a recording. This must be requested upon order.

Provide a report and detail evaluation of the interaction in Pdf or word format.

I will stay on the business line, call center call, live chat or email for 5 to 10 minutes.


Order Details

2 days delivery