I will format your book and convert it into any Eformats, Paperback or Hardcover

format your book and convert it into any Eformats, Paperback or Hardcover
format your book and convert it into any Eformats, Paperback or Hardcover
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sassy94 7 days ago
Excellent job! Will do business again.
Reviewed by sbaranov7 15 days ago
Excellent as always!
Reviewed by sbaranov7 15 days ago
Excellent job! Will do business again!
Reviewed by sbaranov7 19 days ago
Very nice job in formatting my E-book!--Kathie
Reviewed by hellokathie1 20 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by willmrey 22 days ago
ALWAYS perfect. Look no further...You have discovered the right person for the job, big or small.
Reviewed by willmrey 23 days ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by vieroslava about 1 month ago
Great seller! Knows his stuff. Will definitely do business again. A life time customer!
Reviewed by sbaranov7 about 1 month ago
I've written 6 books over the years and have bought back most of my contracts from the original publishers. When they return the text files they are WAY out of format and almost unreadable. I needed my manuscripts reformatted into digital documents available for reading on a multitude of ereaders. ONE DAY TURN AROUND!! WOOT! Amazing work!
Reviewed by ryandobson about 2 months ago
Great service. Very patient with me despite my repeated requests for edits and did good work. Definitely recommended! Thanks so much.
Reviewed by joyleng about 1 month ago
As always...and I mean ALWAYS. Istvan came through for us and delivered a professional, timely result. I really can't say enough about this guy. He's done a lot of work for us. Our project was an eleven hundred page, multiple format two version book that required extreme attention to detail and professional knowledge. Excellent. Excellent.
Reviewed by willmrey about 2 months ago
Excellent work! I really liked the book cover design! Thank you
Reviewed by sznoemi about 2 months ago
Absolutely brilliant!! Great service. First class job. Recommend every time! TY!
Reviewed by cctwentytwo about 2 months ago
Istvan has been working with us consistently for a weeks on a very large and sensitive project and has delivered a professional result every time, and with much appreciated patience.
Reviewed by willmrey about 2 months ago
This was a big project that demanded a great deal of organizational skills and technical expertise. In addition, Istvan was always supremely patient when it came to numerous changes on our part. He will be handling all of work in the future.
Reviewed by willmrey 2 months ago
He knows his stuff. He delivered as ordered and more. He delivered in a very timely manner (before time). He was great to work with and generous in explaining certain things to me. I will definitely be hiring him in future. awesome job.
Reviewed by faithstyle 2 months ago
Great job. Very helpful. Many Thanks.
Reviewed by angierat 2 months ago
I've used Istvan on many occasions and always had a great experience. Great to work with and always a great job.
Reviewed by mikeclarke62 2 months ago
Awesome, helpful and talented!
Reviewed by morningmayan 3 months ago
format your book and convert it into any Eformats, Paperback or Hardcover
format your book and convert it into any Eformats, Paperback or Hardcover

About This Gig

***My offer is for every 5000 words started / Format per Gig***

With years of experience in document and book formatting I will professionally format your manuscript and convert it into the desired format (Kindle Mobi, EPub, PDF, Paperback and Hardcover). The formatting includes dimensions, margins, layout, sizes, TOC, etc, etc...  Your finished product will be ready for upload, free of any formatting errors and it will be accepted 100% on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, B&N, Lulu, Createspace and every other retailers worldwide. Contact me prior ordering if you have any questions.

Be advised that I format Fiction, Non-Fiction Book Manuscripts and Picture Books. In rare cases I also format contracts, pamphlets and other non-book related documents, but please ask me first.

1 Gig = 1 format (Mobi, EPub, PDF, Paperback and Hardcover) / 5000 words started. I'll also insert three pictures for free. Every additional five pictures = +1 GIg.

***Please DO NOT forget to attach the document you'd like me to format. And please DO NOT send me Powerpoint presentations, nor Indesign files. If your source file is anything else than Doc, DocX, RTF, please contact me first.***