I will format your Book Word Doc professionally to Createspace paperback PDF

format your Book Word Doc professionally to Createspace paperback PDF
Great Job!
Reviewed by johnwylie2003 16 days ago
I have been in the publishing industry for TEN years and have worked with countless professionals. I have NEVER had a more enjoyable, seem-less and professional interaction with anyone like i have with Istvanszaboifj. I DO NOT want to recommend him at all because i want him all to myself. It took me 10 years to find him and i am not letting him go.
Reviewed by heaven02 25 days ago
This story always ends well!
Reviewed by willmrey about 1 month ago
I can always rely on his professionalism. Great job as always.
Reviewed by viaggiarexv1ver about 1 month ago
Don't keep looking for a professional on this site. You just found one!
Reviewed by willmrey about 1 month ago
Our story was a tragedy of unprofessional results until we found Istvan. Honestly I cannot say enough about his work. If you want it done and right when you need it, look no further than Istvan.
Reviewed by willmrey about 1 month ago
I am impressed and gratified to find such a quality seller here. He is efficient, proficient and cares about delivering more than he promises. I definitely recommend Istvan for formatting and, as I recently discovered, an awesome cover design/update!
Reviewed by linaland about 1 month ago
Okay, I have sent the file through createspace and they are still reviewing. I think that you have done such a wonderful job! You took all my mess and made it into something really beautiful. I was so relieved to see the finished format. I will definitely be using you again in the future. Thanks again so much. Ruby
Reviewed by rubyboyd about 2 months ago
Fantastic job again. Absolutely wonderful seller great to deal with. I will be returning early next year once I have finished my next novels.
Reviewed by angierat about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by jacquelinecarol about 2 months ago
Istvan is the best fiverr I have worked with.
Reviewed by rickil 2 months ago
above and beyond
Reviewed by jacquelinecarol 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by andrii_k 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by marged 3 months ago
Worked SO fast and did an amazing job! Will definitely use again.
Reviewed by jbeneauthor 3 months ago
Istvan is a wonderful person to work with. His work is timely, i.e., fast, and communicating was easy. I appreciate the quality and the professionalism that he displayed & will happily work with him again! Since this is my first book, I am happy that I was able to find someone who 'knows the ropes!'
Reviewed by linaland 3 months ago
Great job as usual. I will be back. Istvan is very experience with lots of knowledge that he brings to the table.
Reviewed by kayonjones 4 months ago
Great experience again! Thanks!
Reviewed by andrearaeolson 4 months ago
Professional and thorough, really good service
Reviewed by mikeawarwick 5 months ago
I don't have to say that his work is timely and excellent...He is now my go to guy...
Reviewed by jhairston 6 months ago
format your Book Word Doc professionally to Createspace paperback PDF

About This Gig

***My offer is for every 2500 words started per Gig***

With years of experience in document and book formatting I will professionally format your word document line by line and convert it into Createspace or any other Print on Demand ready paperback / hardcover format which will include a proper Title and Copyright pages (If you don’t have any), TOC, page numbers, properly formatted headers and footers (If requested). Your finished product will be fully tested, ready for upload, and it will be accepted 100% on Createspace, Lulu, LS, Ingram or any other PoD companies. Contact me prior ordering if you have any questions.

Be advised that I format Fiction, Non-Fiction Book Manuscripts into paperback and hardcover formats only. If you'd like a different and / or multiple formats, please check my other Gigs. If you have an Ebook ready cover only, but you need Createspace ready cover with a spine and a back page, please check my other, cover extension Gig. 

1 Gig = 2500 words started. Every five pictures = +1 Gig.

***Please DO NOT forget to attach the document you'd like me to format. If your source file is anything else than Doc, DocX or RTF please contact me first.***