I will speed optimize wordpress site

speed optimize wordpress site

About This Gig

your web site is slow ? no problem |  HIRE ME !!!!!

i can optimize your wordpress site for faster loading.

-  i can found the problem

-  i can create a report for showing the problem 

-  i can optimize the php code 

-  i can optimize the css file

-  i can optimize the Js file

-  i can optimize the image file

- i can move the position of code element for load more fast without     change anything of user interface

- i can optimize the server/vps where your site will reside

- i can optimize you database (page,post,comment,plugin table,theme table, and every table present on your database)

-  i can optimize your TTFB (time to first byte).

- i can  optimize the plugin or theme if this cause high time load

Contact me before send giggs