I will help design your organic permaculture garden

help design your organic permaculture garden

About This Gig

I am an experienced writer on permaculture and sustainability and a smallholder trying to live life in as green a way as possible. 

I can help you to plan your own organic, permaculture garden. I have experience in permaculture design and can help you with all your questions regarding:
- Permaculture zoning
- Seeds and seedlings
- Vegetable beds
- Polytunnel/greenhouse growing
- Companion planting/ forest gardening/ agroforestry
- Rainwater collection and/or hydroponic systems
- Vertical gardening
- No dig systems
- Composting
- Organic plant feeds
- Keeping chickens
And more.

I can provide advice on your existing plans or help you work through the process of creating your garden plans from beginning to end. 

I can also offer individual one off on-line lessons on permaculture, sustainability or green living focussing on the topic of your choice.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements before placing an order. I look forward to hearing about your permaculture project and sharing my own journey with you!