I will embed subliminal positive affirmations into your favorite songs

embed subliminal positive affirmations into your favorite songs

About This Gig

Positive Mind Company offers you not only positive affirmations but a service that combines both positive self-talk and subliminal messaging. We take our positive affirmations, record them and then embed them into YOUR favorite songs! You spend a little bit of time every day focusing and reciting your affirmations to yourself…and then by simply listening to your favorite songs, those affirmations are reinforced into your mind! No ocean waves or birds singing or leaves rustling…your message is embedded into the music you listen to and love! How easy is THAT??? When you’re working out, on the drive to work, running the kids around to their practices…the list goes on and on! What you get is: 1 - The script that is embedded in the song 2 - Your song with the subliminal script embedded into it. This listing is for one song but we highly recommend that you get more songs with the same affirmation embedded into it... Why? Because repetition is key with affirmations, and if you are listening to the same one song you'll get bored of it really fast.

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2 days delivery