I will manually Pitch Correct to Perfection for $5

/ / 2 Days On Average
manually Pitch Correct to Perfection
manually Pitch Correct to Perfection

About This Gig

Do you have a vocal track that is a little pitchy? Or a vocal, guitar, or instrumental track that is in need of some editing magic — such as timing adjustments, level enhancement, as well as pitch correction? We can make your vocal sound tuned and natural (NOT AUTO-TUNED, unless that is the sound you want), and no one will ever know that it was improved. Using Melodyne Studio, all we need is your vocal or instrument track in need of tuning (preferably dry) and a separate backing track. $5 = Tuning 1min./1 track of audio. Before/After samples — Listen here:


  • — Pitch correction of vocals, guitars, and most any instrument (1 MINUTE of audio tuned TO PERFECTION - done manually by hand with care and precision using Melodyne Editor)
  • — Quantizing/Re-quantizing performances for perfect tempo adjustments
  • — Modification/Elimination of vibrato, formants 
  • — Transposition available (gig extra)
  • — Harmony (vocal and instrumental) created from melodic line (gig extra)
  • — Remove hiss and clean up your track to perfection (gig extra)
  • — Friendly Service

Please contact us to discuss your needs. We are here to help!

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