I will help solve the problem of the relationship

help solve the problem of the relationship

About This Gig

I will help solve your relationship problems with others through giving advice.

and from now on, join us. anyone could be advice giver but I am here to give you another view of people you do not know and even meet at all.

First, patience. patience is when you are able to choose a silent moment where you have to act. if you mean the action is something you want to reply to someone you prefer to be silent, it was one of them. and then what makes love so great is the patience of love itself, out of compassion. be patient with people you care about. Sometimes, love makes you so sick like unrequited beloved when you accidentally hurt that's when your love for our loved ones receive more means your eyes. receive an error with incredible patience to make a loved one feel so appreciated by us. patience is definitely one that will bring happiness to material no heavier than the wings of flies. but the happiness you have felt heavier than a mountain of gold.

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