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develop a top business name or tagline brand package

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  1 NAME (w/ USA trademark guarantee + name analysis) -- or -- 1 TAGLINE (with tagline analysis) 3 NAMES (w/ internet domains + USA trademark guarantee + analysis) -- or -- 3 TAGLINES (w/ analysis) 5 NAMES (w/ internet domains + matching taglines + USA trademark + social media avail. + analysis)
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About This Gig

My name is Jon; I am a professional brand developer. I develop custom brand packages consisting of business names & taglines.

I have created thousands of top-level brands for clients all over the world. I engineer powerful solutions that build businesses. I am good at what I do.

I can build powerful brands for you too!

Why me?

Because I am a creative professional with 15 years of experience.

I am honest, trustworthy, and easy to work with. I keep my promises.

I care about your brand. I want it to be profitable & successful.

Other "brand sellers" give you a quick list of randomly generated words or phrases. There's no thought behind those ideas, no reasoning, no brand development.

YOU want original, thoughtful, custom brand work.

And you want your money to be well spent.

So you hire me, the Brand Man!

I don't cut corners.

My brand packages are a great value.

  • Normal Prices: -- $75 // $250 // $875
  • Order upgrades are also available.

If you have questions, send me a message.

A sample of previous work is available upon request.

No drug or adult-oriented projects.

I have developed:

Over 6,200
brand ideas
for 1,700+ clients in 75 countries

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a real professional brand developer?
    Yes, I am. I have been developing successful brands for over 15 years. I have built brands for clients all over the world, including: big companies, small businesses, restaurants, non-profit organizations, churches, schools, clinics, celebrities, actors, musicians, political campaigns and more!
  • What makes you a top brand developer on Fiverr?
    Simple, I care about your order. I build custom, quality brands. I listen to your needs, and I am open to collaboration. Most other brand idea sellers are just here for a quick income. They use random name generators, they rush through their work, and they deliver cheap, unusable results.
  • Do you live in the United States?
    Yes. I was born in the United States. I grew up in a small country town. I went to high school in a major American city. I even earned my degree from a top-rated private American college. I am a successful American entrepreneur who lives and works in the Upper Midwest USA.
  • Can I trust you?
    Absolutely! I am one of the most honest, hardworking, trustworthy guys you will ever meet. In fact, I even served as a moderator on the Fiverr forums. If Fiverr trusted me to represent their company and help maintain their website forums, then YOU can trust me to be exactly who I say I am!
  • How do you come up with your brand ideas?
    Well, simply put, I am one of the rarest personalities on Earth. I have a mind for developing creative concepts and solutions that define businesses, people & brands. I can look at things in ways that most people cannot. I see possibilities. And I turn those possibilities into powerful brands.
  • Should I order the "Variety Package" or the "Everything I Need Package"?
    Yes, please do. 3-5 ideas provide you with a variety of options to choose from. They improve your odds of finding the best brand possible, and lower your odds of being disappointed with just one idea. Never put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversify your options. Maximize your results.
  • How long will it take to complete my order?
    I complete all orders in the order that they are received. Preexisting orders are always completed first. Since my work is popular, and I often have many orders, all standard orders are completed within 7 days. Expedited orders are bumped up in my order list, and completed within 3 days.
  • What do you include with your social media availability?
    My social media guarantee includes research and available suggestions for each name on Facebook and Twitter. These are the only two sites that I guarantee because they are the most popular social media websites. The other sites would need more research, and would require a higher package price.
  • Do you design logos too?
    I do. However, my visual logo design work is only available from my logo design gig. You can find my logo design gig by visiting my Fiverr profile. Just click on my name anywhere in Fiverr to see what logo services I have available. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.