I will practise English Speaking with you

practise English Speaking with you

About This Gig

Hello everyone,
I'm Joyce, an English teacher (TESL, TESOL) for foreign English speakers.  My students are mainly Chinese who are interesting in improving their English speaking proficiency.  I conduct special class for daily English, Business English, IELTS and TOEFL.
I have experience doing online classes over the internet via Skype, QQ and Yahoo Messenger..
I'm proficient in Chinese too and could give you the best speaking practice ever!
Feel free to contact me for lessons on weekdays and weekends. Time can be arranged to your convenience.


我是Joy,是一 名英语外国老师 (TESOL,TESL), 专门 教 中国学生, 日常口语,发音,商户英语,或者IELTS 和TOEFL等等。 我的普通话流利。

如果你想练习说英语, 欢迎联系我, 约定在线课程时间。(一般的课程是通过SKYPE, QQ, YAHOO MESSENGER 进行 ) 谢谢。

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