I will write your Application Coding Standard

write your Application Coding Standard
write your Application Coding Standard

About This Gig

Are you sure your code is secure before release?

Guide your developers through these simple secure coding standards & principles

Make your developers accountable & lower your insurance premium

I will establish policies, secure standards for development of your web applications,  the standard will teach  your developers about writing code without flaws from design, development, deployment, upgrade, or maintenance of the application.  

In short, I will develop a Secure Coding Standards document that’ll benefit your developers greatly and in turn make your code a lot more secure. In other words following this standard will ensure security is baked into your code.  

The end result or deliverable will be a secure coding standard document containing over 140 statements that will offer Protection against attacks such XSS or using weak ciphers. Developers are like artist they just want to make the code function, security isn't really high on their priority list. I will iinstilsecurity in developers with these standards.

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Coding standard standard

consisting of almost 140 steps every developer must understand to develop secure code

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