I will write an engaging book blurb for your book for $5

write an engaging book blurb for your book
write an engaging book blurb for your book

About This Gig

Are you an indie author  looking to boost the sales of your latest masterpiece?

If yes, you’re in the right place! I am a big lover of literature, and for a single gig, I will write a blurb up to 350 words for your book that will be concise, engaging and informative. For a single gig, you DO NOT need to send me your manuscript (please see extras). All you need to do is send me a message with answers to these questions:

Who is your protagonist? 

Who is your villain? 

What is the genre?

What is the setting?

What are the characters' goals?

Please message me your answers before you order. I will write blurbs for:


Non-fiction (please contact me beforehand)


For $10 I will:

Write an additional blurb for another title

Write up to 250 words author bio (please contact me beforehand)

Write up to 150 extra words for your blurb

For $15 I will:

Read your manuscript

Write a book blurb up to 500 words and an author bio up to 250 words

If you would like me to write a review for your book, please refer to my other gig – “I will write a book review for a site of your choice”.

Looking forward to hearing about your masterpieces!