I will think of the perfect Brand Name catchy apt SEO friendly


About This Gig

The Brand Name is the foundation upon which you build everything else. It is the most valuable asset, for the entirety of your business' existence. You have to get it right, right at the start! You can change the Logo, the Slogan and everything else but you cannot change your Brand Name. The name is everything in business, loyalty and branding.

Get 5-10 cool, creative, relevant and apt Brand Names.

Basic Gig - 5 Names for $5
This is the cost for using my creativity to think up 5 good suitable names for you. However...

Brand Naming is a complex process, Brand Naming With An Available Dot Com is even more complex.

You ideally ought to know your competitors and provide me a list of existing brand names, if you want me to spend time Googling about existing similar brand names and domains, add on $20 to the cost

If you're okay with registering a brand name by adding extra words to the domain so that a dot com is available, then add $30 to the cost.

If you want a perfect short available domain name without having to add extra words to get an available domain, then the cost is $100 flat.

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