I will do a psycho analysis

do a psycho analysis

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I'm an Psycho analyst since 5 years.
More and more people ask me to do psycho analysis by mail, it's easier for them, they can talk and write their feelings when they want without any constraints of time or place.

The first message/analysis is free of charge, order one gig get two !

How does it work ?
Simple, you order my gig, then you send me a message with what ever you want / think / or what you dreamed.
And within 24 hours i'll answer you, and with my help you will find some solutions/informations on you, that your uncouscious wants to tell you.

Tell me more!

Typically,the patient writes, and attempts to say everything that comes to mind. These conditions create the analytic setting, which permits the emergence of aspects of the mind not accessible to other methods of observation. As the patient speaks/writes, hints of the unconscious sources of current difficulties gradually begin to appear - in certain repetitive patterns of behavior, in the subjects which the patient finds hard to talk/evocate about, in the ways the patient relates to the analyst.

The analyst helps elucidate these for the patient, who refines, corrects, rejects, and adds further thoughts and feelings.

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