I will dissolve Etheric Cords of various types

dissolve Etheric Cords of various types

About This Gig

Most etheric cords form between the people you are closest to, including a spouse, parents, siblings, also co-workers, old classmates or friends that you spend a good amount of time with, plus people you DON'T like. Cords are similar to surgical tubing connecting you to another via your chakras

The cords form because of fear or distress, anger, unforgiveness, negativity, or other life challenges. Energy travels back & forth within this tube from your chakras to the other person. Those cords can drain you of energy, become contaminated by their habits or emotional state, & you can become ill

Dissolving these cords doesn't mean that you are ending a relationship with a particular person or will lose contact. Removing the negative energy between 2 people actually allows love to form & grow in a healthy way. I release them gently & fill the areas they were attached with unconditional love & seal them then send love & forgiveness to the person it was attached to

Cord types: energy, emotional, fear & negativity, old vows, trauma, victim, disrespect, addictions, agreements, stagnation, entities & parasitic energies, disappointment, unforgiveness, false or limiting beliefs

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