I will model a problem in SolverStudio for $5

9 Revisions Included / / 7 Days On Average
model a problem in SolverStudio
model a problem in SolverStudio

About This Gig

I will help you formulate and solve an optimization problem: a problem that can be expressed and modeled in mathematical form (equations) and where one equation needs to be optimized subject to the others holding.
Mathematical programming, linear programming, integer programming, mixed integer programming (MILP), operations research
SolverStudio, PuLP, GAMS, Lingo
Blending, assignment, networks, routing, scheduling
I would also complete, fix or modify a problem already started
Please contact me before ordering, or just request a personalized quote after you send me the problem statement and data.
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keywords: simplex, algorithm, heuristic, genetic
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Please also take a look at my other gig on Excel Solver

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