I will check your site for 31 common SEO problems

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check your site for 31 common SEO problems

About This Gig

I will check your website for 31 common SEO mistakes and tell you how to fix them.

It's far easier and cheaper to improve your existing site than to pay for an expensive redesign. 

Find out if you're making one of 31 common search engine optimisation mistakes - then go back to running your business.

Redesigns are expensive, optimisation is cheap.

Optimising your site for search is so much easier than redesigning your site. Spend ten minutes fixing your site, and you can start seeing the effects right away. 

By contrast, with a redesign, you'll be throwing away a lot of work that you've done already.

Check your website for common search engine optimisation mistakes today - then get on with running your business.

We check for:

- Whether you are distinctively better than other sites in your field
- If you are serving useful content to Google
- Site hierarchy and text links
- Correct use of rich snippets
- Titles and alt tags
- Site maps
- Use of robots.txt
- Paid links
- Cloaking, redirects and doorway pages
- Keyword stuffing
- Scraped content

and much much more, for only $5.

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