I will do 10 blog comments of over 40 words each

do 10 blog comments of over 40 words each

About This Gig

I know how difficult it is to get feedback on the blog comments so I want to help you.

I will read 10 of your posts and leave 10 high quality, content related website comments. Each will be 40+ words each. I will only post my opinions on your own sites/blogs! If you have a particular request or you have a Blogger blog, please be sure to contact me BEFORE placing your order.

Very Important: Make sure your blog allows guest posting with a Name/URL! If you want me to post with different Gravatar/Disqus accounts then just order the gig extra bellow! 

Optional: You can also send me 1 keyword for each of the website/forum posts and I will include it.

I can also post using Gravatar/Disqus (see gig extras bellow)! Before combining gig extras please contact me. 

*** NO Facebook! ***

Bonus: If your website allows me to post using only my Name/email then I will use 10 different names free of charge!

All 10 comments are posted from the same IP. 

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