I will write 5 high quality 80 words blog comments or website comments

write 5 high quality 80 words blog comments or website comments

About This Gig

Do you want blog comments that are high quality and written by someone who actually reads your posts? Of course you do! And I am perfect for the job!

Here are 5 benefits of this gig:

1. You will get 5 posts read by me that will increase your “time spent on site” which is something Google looks for when ranking sites. The higher the time spent on site the better.

2. Each comment has 80+ words so you get 400+ words.

3. Your posts will rank better in Google because I will add 1 keyword (that YOU will provide me with – this is optional for you) in each of your 5 posts.

4. Your readers will see the comments and want to reply to them, thus attracting more content to your blog.

5.  You get more love from Google who love seeing real human interaction on a blog.

I also do forum posting. If you have a particular request, please contact me BEFORE ordering.

Very Important: Make sure your blog allows guest posting with a Name/URL so I can post! If this is the case, as a bonus, I will use 5 different names free of charge!

If you want, I can use different Gravatar/Disqus accounts - all you have to do is to order the gig extra bellow

*** NO Facebook! *** 

For all my gigs see fiverr.com/kuzzco