I will record percussion tracks for your songs

record percussion tracks for your songs
record percussion tracks for your songs

About This Gig

Please contact me before placing your order. 

Percussion tracks from a pro with over 450 TV/film credits. 

Read my reviews below. 

I can play all styles of music A to Z. 

I will record one (level 1) instrument of your choice for $5. All my work is guaranteed 100%  

Send me your track and a message to discuss what you want rhythmically. I always send a reference track (my parts tracked to your song) for review/corrections. I use Neve pre's, Apogee convertors, Logic Pro X 10 and an impressive selection of high-end percussion specific mic's


Level 1 ($5.00 per track) 

  • Shakers: Maracas,caxixi,ganza,tube/egg shakers,
  • assorted rattles.
  • Tambourines: Over a dozen to choose from,high/low pitched/dry. Gospel tambourine as well.
  • Bells/Triangle. Countless bells from West Africa and South America. Many triangle designs/pitches as well.
  • Woodblocks/clave: High/low pitched,wooden ones,plastic ones etc. 
  • Effect/quirky type instruments: Gongs,cymbals,chimes,wind chimes,rainstick,guiro,spoons, mouth harp.

Level 2 ($20 per track) 


timbales,djembe,talking drum,udu,electric tabla,snare,Tibetan singing bowls, washboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a reference/review track ?
    Lets say you send me an EDM track and request tambourine in the choruses. I will literally track several different tambourine models/rhythmic ideas for you to choose from. I will then send you an MP3 to review, once approved I then move onto the next requested instrument.
  • Why do you charge for the project file ?
    Rendering stems, creating a folder and uploading to Dropbox (which can take 30 mins sometimes) and ultimately forwarding them through the Fiverr platform takes time.
  • Can you sight-read