I will create professional photo editing and commercial retouching

About This Gig

CONTACT ME before purchase, as most photo editing is very time consuming and usually requires a custom quote. Thanks a lot !

Holding experience of 7 years in this field, my name is Laurine and I specialize in photo and commercial retouching. I will use all my skills to make your photo look BETTER THAN YOU IMAGINE ! 

As a passionate designer, I rigorously work to achieve a unique skin texture. Retouching is not simply apply a gaussian blur, it requires precision and artistic sensibility

For 1 Gig ($5), you’ll get
Professional & creative retouch including :
  • High quality photo editing (exposure/contrasts/colors/lens correction) 
  • Old and damaged photo restoration (color colorization of BW pic)
  • Recreating small missing areas in the photo
  • 1 free Revision per Picture
  • Deliver High Quality JPG 
    *RAW and PSD cost you $10

  • Extra-Big Full Pack
    The Best Commercial Retouching Services including :
    • Stunning quality skin, removing facial defects and creating makeup enhancements
    • Realistic weight reduction, slimming or reshaping body
    • Special Effects / Lights & Colors Editing
    • Removing/adding background, recreating mission areas, remove persons and sky/unwanted objects 
    • Unlimited revisions for each pictures