I will rewrite and tighten up your Website, Article, Blog or Document

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rewrite and tighten up your Website, Article, Blog or Document

About This Gig

The way you communicate is very important, especially in business. You can be smart, yet have difficulty expressing yourself on paper, especially if English is a 2nd language.  

This Gig is for Rewriting existing content. I have a separate Gig for Writing New Content. 

I will rewrite and tighten up your Web page(s), article, blog, product/service description up to 500 words. You'll be proud of the result. I do the writing, NO SOFTWARE USED.

I'm highly educated with a Masters Degree. I'm a published author and have written for magazines and newspapers nationwide. I am detailed and write in perfect English.

1 Gig = 1 item up to 500 words SUBMITTED. Each Web pg., article, blog, or description is a separate item/Gig. If item is over 500 words, add Gigs. Number of Gigs based on word count SUBMITTED. NO COMBINING for total count.

I need content to be submitted on Word docs, not web links, pdf files or jpgs. 

Highly complex accounting or investments

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6 days delivery

Rewrite Content in Perfect English

Each Web page, blog, article, description is a separate Gig/item. Gig Extras may apply.

  • Up to 500 Words
  • Up to 3 Focus Words