I will write you a custom poem

write you a custom poem

About This Gig

I will write you, or anyone you wish to give a poem to, a custom piece! It can be based on a general prompt, such as 'love' or 'evil', or it can be a specified request. Perhaps you want a poem for your mother, a friend, a love of yours, and you cannot write it yourself. Or maybe you want one to keep for your own! You can specify words, phrases, descriptors, or really anything at all that you wish to be included in your custom-tailored piece. If you do not tell me anything at all, I will write a poem based on any number of random prompts, and it will be just as beautiful as a bespoke one! 
The client is free to specify a page length, but all will be a minimum of ten lines . If the client specifically asks for a shorter or longer piece, that may be accommodated! 
I have an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts from Bard College at Simon's Rock, and am experienced in all forms of writing, including creative, persuasive, short story, novella, poetry, freeform, vignette, etc. 

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3 days delivery