I will craft a slogan for your business

craft a slogan for your business

About This Gig

All the slogans here are written by Native English writers!!

I will allow the writers with much creative knowledge and experience!!

Why pay a copywriter 100's of dollars? This is for a strict "my brain to paper" gig - one headline and one tagline. No revisions, as you're getting my "best of the best" for you, I promise!

For just $5, I will create the PERFECT slogan or tagline for your business, website, product or service! (5 slogans provided).

  1. Seo Friendly
  2. Increase traffic, leads and sales
  3. Separate your business from the competition
  4. Stick with your customers long after they leave
  5. Educate your audience quickly
  6. Invigorate a tired brand
  7. Stimulate buyer confidence
  8. Make your company a household name
  9. Inject some personality to your company
  10. Add legitimacy & professionalism to your brand

Note: You will have to do the proper trademarking and research on your final slogan.   The more information you provide me, the better the slogans will be.

Order Details

7 days delivery