I will create a unique USP, elevator pitch, or sales copy

create a unique USP, elevator pitch, or sales copy

About This Gig

Just $5 for a opportunity analysis.

+$20  for a custom elevator pitch tailored to qualify prospects and incite curiosity

+$50 for a written unique value proposition analysis to set you apart from your competitors and integrate into all your marketing efforts.

+$50 for one page of targeted sales copy for any possible use in your business.

I am also available for Skype video or phone marketing consultations on how to craft your brand message and identity in writing.

Need something not listed here? Just ask!

My work is tailored to address the following:

1. What is the problem your customers need solving? You need to show that you understand what your prospects are struggling with.

2. The solution: paint a picture for your clients about what they're life will look like when they've solved their problem or answered their questions.

3. The obstacles: Why do so many people still struggle with it in spite of a solution being available?

4. How it works: your prospects need to know how they are going to get from where they are now to where they want to be. 

5. Call to action: Explain what your prospects must now do to take advantage of what you offer. They should be primed and ready to take action.