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Protein Powder Protein powder is an unnatural form of protein. This is the dietary supplement which athletics and body builders mostly use. Protein powder is need of human body because it is the substance from which tissues and muscles built. Protein powder mostly helps in healing wounds, cuts and injuries. Protein powder plays a vital role in our body. Our body can not store an excess amount of protein so daily intake of protein powder is necessary. It is also good for the people who are not bodybuilders it help in the daily requirement of protein. It helps in healthy skin. It is used for enhancing stamina and weight. Use of protein powder for long time may help our immune system. The protein powders are in different forms like essential fatty acids branched chain amino acids, glutamate and creatine. Glutamate is the soluble protein which depleted in anaerobic exercise. Creatine is mostly used to improve strength and it is the replacement of ATP. It should be taken with the advice of nutrition specialist. The recommended daily dose for the protein powder is according to weight, activity and age.

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