I will conduct a BODYTALK session with a reading

conduct a  BODYTALK session with a reading

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Description Bodytalk Intro Entity and/or Demon Clearing Multidimensional Balancing
  Experience 7-10 alignments to release stagnant energy fields and free the body, mind and spirit. Entity Clearing for 1 person, home,work and business 1 Bodytalk Session Balancing All past lives Akashic records All parallel lives Star Family history
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About This Gig

These  Bodytalk Session is done long distance so you can enjoy them at home.
Practiced  in over 50 countries, facilitating your body's own innate wisdom to  heal itself.

  1.  Bodytalk Access 7-10 Alignments                                                                 
        Releasing stagnant pain body energies.
        Feel the flood gates of energy you're hiding inside!

  2. 1 Entity Clearing Session and 1 Bodytalk Session 
        Clearing entities around the body, home and business.
        Are you in everyone elses reality except your own? Then this is for you.
        Time to feel your own space, your own voice and your own reality!
    3. Multidimensional Balancing for 1 person 
        1 Full Bodytalk Session
        Are you becoming aware of new energy fields that are healing to you? 
        Would you like to receive all the contribution of your entire life existence? 
        Is it time to meet and work more closely with the Infinite Source Field within you?

        Restore communication and feel the supportive energies that birthed you into 

   Welcome to your NEW LIFE! 

        Lorraine of Ra


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I need Entity Clearing?
    You can write to me ahead of time and I will muscle test to see if its a priority for you.
  • How many sessions will it take to solve a problem.
    Innate doesnt see a problem but rather that communication is to be restored at levels that would allow the body, mind and spirit to heal itself. Some people need only 1 session, others need communication restored at many levels and need a session as issues show up in their bodies and lives.
  • Can I order for someone else who doesnt know I am ordering for them?
    No, permission must be granted by the person for a session. You may balance your relationship to that person. If you are a parent, your children can get Bodytalk with your permission. If its an emergency, like an accident...in these cases Bodytalk can be given unless person doesn't allow it.
  • Why am I tired or exhausted for days after the session before I feel the alignments?
    The body will make you rest like a baby so it can do its magic and bring in alignments. Also you maybe detoxing at many levels. Water will help ease in alignments and clear out stagnant energies with ease. Giving inner permission to allow alignments allows alignments to come in with greater ease.