I will conduct a BODYTALK session with a reading for $5

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conduct a  BODYTALK session with a reading
conduct a  BODYTALK session with a reading

About This Gig

These  Bodytalk Session is done long distance so you can enjoy them at home.
Practiced  in over 50 countries, facilitating your body's own innate wisdom to  heal itself. www.bodytalksystem.com

  1.  Bodytalk Access 7-10 Alignments                                                                 $5
        Is a great start to releasing stagnant emotional and pain body energy 
        &  free up the  flood gates of energy you're hiding inside!

  2.  Extra :  Release Interfering Entities                                                              $20
        Releasing interfering entities in your body, around your body, in your
        house, on the property, in your business, in your work place.
        Feel the clarity and  freedom of body, mind and spirit with this clearing!
    3. Extra: Balance out  Past, Present and Future Karma Energies                 $20
         Release and balance energies of up to 50 people.
         Feel the weightlessness of being with yourself in all environments
         and relationships !!

Welcome to your NEW LIFE! 

        Lorraine of Ra