I will create a slide video and edit with sound and effects

Thanks so much for that. Sorry I didn't get back earlier but I was on the road (which is why I needed your help. Much appreciated, and highly recommended
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create a slide video and edit with sound and effects

About This Gig

Would you like a professionally produced slideshow that documents the most important people or events in your life? Let me create the personal or professional slideshows you need! 

The slideshows that I produce include, but are not limited to:

  • Genealogy slideshows are a great way to preserve and share your family’s memories. Display them on your family’s website or play them at holidays and special events!

  • Family slideshows can take many shapes and forms. Turn your wedding photos into an interactive gallery or create slideshows that document family events, special moments with your children and more.

  • Slideshows are a great way to show off your products or services. You can also create other promotional materials including proposals, presentations or slideshows that document how people can put your product to work.
  • All slideshows are in the  format (MP4).

  • Choose up to 55 photos..

Please contact me before you submit your gig.  This way we can be on the right page before we begin your awesome project.

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