I will teach you how to memorize 200 words in an evening

teach you how to memorize 200 words in an evening
teach you how to memorize 200 words in an evening

About This Gig

Hi, pandas and kangaroos.

I have taught this proven method to hundreds of my students, and it works every time without fail.

This gig includes:

*My original, 45 min. video tutorial.

*15 minutes live chat on Skype or Google Hangouts, or through text messages on Fiverr - for any questions you have. (Included in the price but optional, of course.)

Much more info in FAQs (below)

Perfect for:

  • Memorizing words in a new language you’re learning: for an exam/ before a trip abroad.

  • Increasing your vocabulary size (in your own language).

  • Facts you want to have ready at a meeting / party / general knowledge / while writing a book.

Happy learning to you, May.

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Order Details

1 day delivery

Video tutorial + live chat

Learn my technique for memorizing 200 words in an evening. Includes live video chat for questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this method work for memorizing other things besides words?
    Yes! You can memorize anything in the world - just learn the method first.
  • What if I have questions after watching the video tutorial?
    No problem! Included in this gig, is a 15 minutes session on Skype/Google Hangouts or through messages on Fiverr. Whenever you prefer - immediately after you watch the video/ after you've tried out the method/ a week later, etc. I'm always available and here to help you achieve your goals.
  • I'm skeptical - this sounds too good to be true....
    For some reason, most people have never heard of this method, or don't know how to use it correctly. I've memorized thousands of new words this way, and so have my students. If you still aren't convinced, well... $5 is worth even the chance that - from now on you will know how to memorize anything
  • What ages is this tutorial and method meant for?
    The method: ages 2 - 120. We humans start learning right away, and interesting humans never want to stop. :) The tutorial: I love teaching, and speak at a good pace - not too fast so that you could miss something, and not too slow that you would get bored.
  • What if I prefer to learn through a live class, or by reading?
    No problem at all! Message me - I'm more than happy to accommodate you in anyway I can. I do love teaching and helping and figuring out creative solutions.