I will provide constructive evaluation of a website for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
provide constructive evaluation of a website
provide constructive evaluation of a website

About This Gig

I have worked in websites for the past 17 years, planning, creating, maintaining, testing, evaluating them so it is second nature for me.

I check the following areas: usability, accessibility, practicality, fitness for purpose which involves expectations for websites in the same domain, simplicity, searchability/find-ability, flexibility, interactivity and mobile-ability.

I will provide a constructive evaluation of your website. With a basic gig, you will get 5 issues reported on and how you can improve them, you can then order more of the basic gig to get more issues commented on. Check our extras for additional services.

All I need from you is which one(s) of the areas above you would like me to concentrate on, or maybe you want me to do any of them.

Sorry I do not evaluate sites with any nudity, profanity or content that is obscene, violent or offensive. There are other people here who will happily do this. Any such site that is submitted will be reported.

If you want a full report, please contact me for a custom order. This starts at $100 and depends on how big your website is.