About This Gig

Please make sure that you ask can I draw something BEFORE ORDERING it by clicking on "contact me" (on the right side of this page) and sending me a message with the image attached to it (I usually reply right away if I can draw it). You can check out the gig's portfolio to see the drawings that I drew, but please check with me before ordering, so we wouldn't have to cancel the order later. Since it's a real drawing and I draw it with a pen on the hand, the choice of colors is limited, there can't be too many small details and sometimes I can't start working on some logo right away (since I draw on the hand, I need to make sure that there aren't any visible traces of the ink from previous orders and the skin also has to get some rest after washing the ink off... I really can't rush it because rushing it could cause a skin rash). By the way, the delivered images are 2048x1536px big and there are gig extras to use custom backgrounds, to have two hands in the picture (two thumbs up) and to make a PSD file (with the hand, shadow and the background as separate layers). Also, images that are difficult to draw on the skin could require more than one gig. Please, no indecent stuff.