I will write an SEO action plan for your site to optimize it and get it ranking

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Wow !!! What a great Job! Thanks. Very professional.
Reviewed by zhary_2012 almost 4 years ago
Very nice! The seller is very kind and really conscientious, the report is very well-written and explain so detailedly, and also give me the best solution~!! Bravo!
Reviewed by loucyliu over 4 years ago
Excellent report. Point out seo problems in my webpage and give suggestions with tactics. Deliver on time. Highly recommended. I need some times to digest the report and will come back. Thank you very much Mark!
Reviewed by wewahala over 4 years ago
Useful report personalized and not software generated. Will buy this gig again.
Reviewed by danadane over 4 years ago
A very easy understanding step by step guideline and advice provided by seller. Really appreciate it.
Reviewed by henrykuan over 4 years ago
Awesome great content, EXCELLENT worth Much MORE, thank you:))
Reviewed by priya123 over 4 years ago
wow, phenomenal work! so much valuable info. I highly recommend this gig to anyone who has a website!
Reviewed by costanza over 4 years ago
Great SEO Reports .Thanks
Reviewed by ronali over 4 years ago
Very thorough report. I will be using this service again! Thanks
Reviewed by gtdesign over 4 years ago
Marc, thank you for your professional work. I am surprised from the result. It's not just a pdf file that can be applied to any website or project - this is a PERSONALIZED website report +PERSONALIZED ADVISES on how to improve BOTH onsite and offsite SEO. Very much pleased and happy from your help.
Reviewed by frenchbreakfast over 4 years ago
write an SEO action plan for your site to optimize it and get it ranking
write an SEO action plan for your site to optimize it and get it ranking
write an SEO action plan for your site to optimize it and get it ranking

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Description Silver Gold Platinum
  SEO Action Plan with Site Audit & Custom, Unique Report for your website PLUS competitor Analysis SEO Action Plan with Site Audit, Custom Report PLUS Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research SEO action plan, site audit, competitor analysis, keyword research PLUS Meta Tag update on your site
Tailored Action Plan
Seller will provide a tailored action plan to improve the website's ranking
SEO Report
Seller will review your website and write a SEO Report showing the site's critical problems
SEO Optimization
Seller will optimize on-site & on-page issues in your website
Keywords Analyzed
Seller will perform keyword analysis on the indicated amount of keywords
3 3
Competitors Analyzed
Seller will analyze the number of the competitive websites indicated
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About This Gig

Boost Your Site & Improve Your Rankings

This Gig is for a detailed report on what changes you need to improve your site rankings, including search engine optimization,site errors, increasing conversions,content and to show you how to fix any errors

I will..

  • Check your onsite and offsite SEO to determine if you are at risk of getting hit by Google algorithm updates
  • Show you how to optimize your site and strategy to avoid penalties & get the best results
  • Provide a detailed competitor analysis
  • Give you a long term plan that will help rank your site and boost traffic

Report Includes:

  • Site Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Report errors and how to fix them
  • Show if you have been penalized by Google or if you are at risk
  • SEO Action plan to rank your site

Any site, language and adult niches are accepted.

To get started I need your website and at least one keyword that you want to rank for.

Check out my amazing extra packs to maximize your website.Available when you order any pack!  

Security pack: I will secure your wordpress site against hacking for 20$

Platinum Plus: I will create diverse backlinks and put all into an indexer for $50

Consultation: One hour via Skype Chat (no calls) for $50

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of sites do you work on?
    I can provide an SEO plan and work on most types of site including, but not limited to, the following. Wix, Wordpress, joomla, Dupral, squarespace, Etsy,Weebly, HTML sites, custom real estate platforms, e-commerce sites & much more. If your site type or platform is not listed here contact me .
  • Can you provide an SEO action plan on Non-English sites?
    I can work on and do reports for and keyword research for sites in almost every language. The only exception is Persian as there is no keyword research available for that.
  • Do you just provide a site audit and SEO action plan or can you implement what is in the report?
    I can provide you with a custom order to carry out the work in the report. As each report is unique to the site being worked on the cost is not the same for each site and varies with the work required. If you contact me after delivery and request a quote I will provide you with one.
  • How do I know if I can do what is in the report myself?
    Everything in the report is set out so that it is as clear and concise as possible. If there is anything that is not clear or you have questions related to what is in the seo action plan I will provide you with Free help through my inbox.
  • Can I consult with you about my site or business on a one to one basis?
    Yes you can! I have a skype consultation pack which is visible once you select the order button for any package. This can be used to discuss your site, business, pre-site building steps, optimizing your site further, discussing what is in the SEO action plan and much more
  • My site is not built or ready yet; can you provide an SEO action plan?
    Yes. I can provide you with steps for best practice and what to do when setting up your website so you can hit the ground running and to avoid common mistakes that will set you back before you even get started.
  • I have a wordpress site and I want to secure it and stop it getting hacked. Can you help?
    Yes. I have a security pack specifically for this. This option can be selected when you select any package and be added to your order
  • I want backlinks and offsite SEO; Can you do this as well?
    Yes. I have a platinum plus pack for this. This option is available when you select any package and go to order and can be added to any package for your order
  • Can I have a sample report?
    I do not provide samples at all as each report is unique to the site worked on and I cannot provide you with other customers reports.
  • How Many Keywords do I get when you do keyword research?
    I provide a minimum of three good keywords to use, usually more. I do detailed keyword research ensuring the keywords you are provided with are keywords that you can rank for & also look at competition for them carefully and provide you with a detailed breakdown & information on each keyword.