I will provide you with a great Health and Fitness eBook

provide you with a great Health and Fitness eBook

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So, you're lucky enough to have the chance to get your hands on the  “Be Your Own Trainer” e-book for just $5. Nice. It will make it simple for you to learn all you need to know to take control of your eating & exercise and has been developed by Martin Toomey, an experienced highly qualified personal trainer.

Maybe you've tried a number of diets or exercise plans in the past? Many  plans tell you how to eat or train, but they don’t explain why you should do what they suggest. The book introduces you to the concepts that underpin successful exercise and diet regimes.

It is broken down into 2 main sections; Exercise and Nutrition, further divided into a number of purposefully short chapters, to give you the
information you need to create a new healthier lifestyle, without making you suffer through the jargon present in other fitness guides.

You will be introduced to numerous exercise options which will give you the chance to discover what suits your goals and your interests. Finding a way to exercise that you enjoy will make it a lot easier to achieve the results you want.

Very soon you’ll be empowered with the info you need to make your own diet and exercise choices.

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