I will do a full tarot reading for you within 24 hours

do a full tarot reading for you within 24 hours
do a full tarot reading for you within 24 hours
do a full tarot reading for you within 24 hours

About This Gig


I have read cards for hundreds of people in over 20 different countries, and each time they are taken aback by the results. Tarot is a divination tool, to illuminate the needs and knowledge already present within you, and it is a wonderful spiritual compass.

Send me up to three questions you need guidance on, or a detailed summary of your current problem. I will perform a complete spread using one of my tarot decks (sometimes a combination of two decks) and provide you with an in-depth assessment (~400 words). Once you receive your reading, I am always happy to clarify or answer a follow-up question.

  • If you prefer to be read with a certain deck, please let me know, and I will do my best!
  • I can only provide insight based on the information you have provided, and what the cards have shown. I cannot 'sugarcoat' or tell you differently than I see it - please be aware not all questions will be answered the way you may want them to be.
  • The 24-hour turnaround time is guaranteed with the purchase of the extra fast delivery, otherwise, your spread will be guaranteed delivered within 2 days. Extras such as I-Ching may take longer.
  • Any questions? Please message me!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is there a requirement asking "What industry does this order relate to?"
    This is not my requirement - this was added by Fiverr's development team without sellers' consent. This question is 'optional' and should not be answered. It is not necessary to the gig, and I want to know only the information you wish me to know for the reading. Thank you for your understanding!
  • Where have you been??
    Sometimes I will need to 'pause' Fiverr to focus more intently on personal pursuits. I am unsure on these sabbaticals how long I will be gone for at any time. Please be patient with me while I am away - I am always itching to come back and read for you again. :)